Office for
Micro Climate Cultivation

How it works

The vertical greening system VERD° by OMC°C brings green to urban spaces on a large scale – serially, quickly and easily. The modules provide shade, have a positive effect on the microclimate and absorb CO₂.

The OMC°C solution works with fast-growing, annual climbing plants which grow on a lightweight construction fitted with textile nets. The VERD° modules are not demanding regarding their location, intrude minimally into the ground and are largely self-sufficient apart from the required water supply.

VERD°System is cultivated in accordance with the seasonal cycle: the modules are stocked with seeds and seedlings in the spring, in the summer the plants grow, and in the fall the resulting biomass is "harvested". This eliminates the need for pruning and leaf disposal, while enabling the positive working of the sun in the winter. This VERD°Service is offered to the customer as an annual service and forms an integral part of the system. The harvested biomass is recycled and thus returned to the economic cycle.

Annual Climbing Plants

VERD° works with annual climbing plants. The green is composed of a selection of 25 species, each with its specific characteristics: Some grow upwards extremely quickly, others develop voluminous greenery. Some please by their beautifully coloured blossoms, others by their fragrance or the iridescent green of their foliage. Depending on the location and usage scenario, a specific combination of plants can support additional goals beyond the creation of shade, such as aesthetic effects or a contribution to biodiversity. The diversity of plant species also reduces susceptibility to diseases.

The use of annual plants offers multiple advantages: they require less root space, need comparatively little water, and there is no lignification as with perennial plants. As the plants are "harvested" in autumn, there is no need for pruning and the disposal of foliage. In addition, the collected biomass re-enters the resource cycle as a new raw material – "value instead of waste".


The shape of the planters is designed to provide optimal conditions for plant growth. The integrated drainage grid prevents waterlogging. A special organic, peat-free substrate was developed to meet the specific requirements of the system. It contains all nutrients for one entire growing season, so that no additional fertilizing is needed.


The supporting structure is designed as a lightweight construction suitable for serial production. The guiding criteria in the development process are an economic use of materials and a minimal anchoring in the ground while at the same time guaranteeing maximum stability. The supporting structure is made of wood and steel.

Textile net

A specially developed net made from the renewable material flax serves as a climbing aid. The lightweight but very stable net is biodegradable. Therefore, it can be harvested together with the plants in the autumn and be recycled.


The seasonal cultivation is an integral component of the greening system by OMC°C. In spring, the modules are supplied with seedlings and seeds, and the textile nets are hoisted. From April to October, when the plants are growing and producing biomass, minimal care is required as the plants are provided with water via an automated irrigation system and there is no need for additional fertilisation. In autumn, plants and nets are harvested and recycled as raw material of for the generation of energy. The whole service is coordinated by OMC°C and provided by cooperation partners.