Office for
Micro Climate Cultivation

The vertical greening system VERD° by OMC°C is made up of a lightweight supporting structure, textile climbing aids and the annual VERD°Service. It is available in free-standing and façade-bound variations.

The vertical struts of the lightweight structure are made of wood and steel. These are fitted with custom textile nets every year. Depending on the specific requirements of the site, the foundation can be realised as a concrete base or a ground screw solution.

As part of the seasonal cultivation, the VERD°Service, the modules are stocked with plants and substrate each spring. During the growth phase the plants are provided with water via an automated irrigation system. The VERD°Service also includes the harvesting of the biomass in autumn and the coordination of the subsequent energetic or higher-value utilisation.

Consulting, Planning, Purchase

After a joint analysis of the site, specific needs and local planning requirements are discussed. Next, an optimal arrangement and alignment of the VERD° modules in terms of cooling capacity and shading is planned. From the planning phase until the delivery of the system, a timeframe of 4 to 5 months should be expected. After the installation of the modules, OMC°C will coordinate the annual maintenance and monitoring of the system.

The VERD° modules (supporting structure and foundation) are acquired via a one-time payment. Starting with the first planting season, the VERD°Service is purchased via an annual fee. The pricing for the modules depends on the number of units purchased. The planning services are billed individually, as the required effort depends strongly on local factors (existing infrastructure, site conditions, etc.).

VERD°System has been officially launched in July 2023. For enquiries or quotes, please contact OMC°C via email or phone.